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For Our Visitors: Experience The Most LGBTQ Friendly Cities In Michigan

GaySaugatuckDouglas.com shows you just some of the incredible things the gay friendly cities of Saugatuck and Douglas have to offer to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community worldwide. We’ll guide you to some of the most welcoming gay travel destinations these cities offer, by specifically featuring gay owned and LGBTQ friendly companies in our business listings. We’re proud to call the most LGBTQ friendly cities in Michigan our home, and can’t wait for you to experience Saugatuck and Douglas, Michigan for yourself!

Helping Saugatuck And Douglas Become Premier Gay Travel Destinations

The goal is simple: promote the cities of Saugatuck Douglas Michigan as premier gay travel destinations so more tourists will choose this area for their gay and lesbian vacations. More tourists = more revenue for the area’s lodging, retail, restaurants and service related businesses. However, our goal goes beyond helping the local economy – we help the LGBTQ community find new places to travel and feel welcomed. Let’s put Saugatuck and Douglas on the map as some of the most LGBTQ friendly cities in the world!

For LGBT Friendly Companies: Key Benefits Of Listing Your Business

A Gay Saugatuck Douglas Business Membership is only $175.00 per year, and includes all of the following benefits for LGBTQ friendly companies:

Media Exposure For Your Business

  • Publication in the Saugatuck Douglas Gay Guide: This 4-color brochure invites the LGBT community to choose the West Michigan lakeshore area as one of their favorite gay travel destinations. It describes our beautiful area and identifies a variety of restaurants, shops, galleries, lodging, services, real estate agencies, entertainment, recreation, and other gay friendly businesses. Your business in the Saugatuck Douglas area can be included.
    • 35,000 high-quality 4-color brochures are printed and distributed by May to ensure exposure during the peak travel season
    • Distributed to the following:
      • The Saugatuck/Douglas Visitors Bureau
      • The Dunes Resort and Campit (included in all information requests, reservation confirmation letters, and guest rooms)
      • Gay publications in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan before Memorial Day
      • Several national Gay/Lesbian publications
      • Various regional LGBT pride festivals
      • Additional LGBT friendly companies and websites who request copies
  • Featured placement in the gay friendly business listings on GaySaugatuckDouglas.com

Referral Network Throughout Our Gay Friendly Cities

  • Being a member of GaySaugatuckDouglas and being included in the gay friendly business listings means your business appreciates and welcomes your Gay/Lesbian customers – so –
  • Gay friendly businesses will refer those businesses that support and welcome these LGBTQ customers with pride

Other Exclusive Members-Only Benefits:

  • Rotating featured businesses on the GaySaugatuckDouglas.com home page
  • Banner advertising on applicable listing page
  • Participation in local, regional and national advertising campaigns promoting the LGBTQ friendly cities of Saugatuck and Douglas as premier gay travel destinations in the US

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